Imperata cylindrica (Cogon grass) Identification

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It's actually fairly easy to identify this species.

(1) Unlike many grasses, which have well developed stem systems above ground, in cogon grass the leaf blades seem to come out directly from the ground.

(2) It has a well developed rhizome system below ground, and is not a bunch grass. You may see scattered clusters and even some isolated shoots where the rhizome travelled underground for a bit before coming out

(3) Check one of the more mature grass blades for an off-center whitish mid-rib close to the tip. That is, the whitish rib will not be running right in the center, but will be slightly closer to one edge. If you run your finger down the edge of the blades you will feel sharp edges.

(4) Pull out one of the culms and check for whitish, scaly, very sharp rhizomes mixed in among the fibrous roots. Cogongrass has an extensive system of underground roots and rhizomes.

(5) If an inflorescence is present, it will be cylindrical in shape, and fluffy when the seeds have set.

(6) If you can magnify individual seeds, you'll see that the seeds have long silky hairs coming from the bottom, which facilitates dispersion using the wind.

Penulis: A. Sunjian